The fast road to success!

Nothing sums up the world of Hi-tech better than "HighWay" – the information highway, the highway of success – truly the fast lane in every meaning of the word!
Since its foundation in 2006, HiWay has made its aim the placing of the best and most qualified candidates in the huge variety of jobs available in the dynamic world of hi-tech, both in Israel and abroad.
An on-line data base with thousands of potential candidates gives us the unique ability to quickly find the ideal candidates for positions in companies spanning the hi-tech spectrum.  But, even more important, because we specialize in people and making the connections between them, we place great importance on the scope and depth of our data base.  At HiWay, you are so much more than "just another name".  You are a unique person and our data base reflects your uniqueness, letting us match the best candidates with the perfect positions and exactly when needed!

Setting targets; and reaching them!

Just as no two candidates are identical, so every Hi-tech company has its own professional vision, its own path and its own organizational culture that is influenced by the personal DNA of each and every employee.
We have developed a method for integrating the needs of the company with the skills and abilities of the candidate.  We evaluate each candidate from two central viewpoints: a deep understanding of the person behind the job alongside a comprehensive professional/technological evaluation of the candidate's suitability for the potential employer's areas of activity and the demands of the position being offered.
This evaluation process is carried out by experienced professionals from the world of human resources and also by managerial experts from the heart of the world of Hi-tech and technology.  The results we achieve have proven, time and time again, that creating the right "connections" lets potential employees realize their potential to the full and benefits the activities of the entire organization

Retaining professional standards

Two guidelines characterize our professional ethic: attentivness and discretion.

 Attentiveness means paying special attention to all the milestones, to all the background noise and the changing conditions.  At HiWay attentiveness means creating all those conditions.

Our promise to the candidate – by actively listening to your desires and aspirations we will be able to pave the way forward for you, according to your pace, the career goals you have set yourself and your own, personal preferences.
We know how complicated and complex the process of recruiting new employees can be.  We also realize the sensitivity of the information that passes through our hands.  Our promise, our guarantee to you:  throughout the process, and after, we will preserve your confidentiality.

 The Golden Rule: the goal you finally reach is the goal you're focused on!

Our promise to the employer – Even on the fast lane, our fast reactions will never come at the expense of our focus on your goals.
We view all of our many and varied clients as an internal "clients club" that deserves to a range of advanced evaluation and recruitment services.  We are totally committed to bringing new levels of quality and professionalism to the world of job recruitment; Levels based on professionalism, attentiveness to each individual client, working in complete accordance to the goals of the organization and absolute discretion.

Last but by no means least – our enthusiasm never wanes!

HiWay is managed by Dganit Leiezerovitch-Schneir who has more than a decade of experience in the world of human resources.  Dganit has experience in recruitment, human resources management, building work procedures and organizational development.  Amongst her previous positions:  Human Resource Management – Maxville Software, Human Resource Management – The Strauss-Elite Group

Dganit Leiezerovitch-Schneir a B.A. in Management from Ben Gurion University and an M.A. in Business Administration also from Ben Gurion University.

"I have always been infected by the "recruitment bug"", says Dganit.  "There was never any other career choice for me.  At HiWay we don't stand on the sidelines, we play an active role in the process; full and true partners helping you on your road to success."